Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Multimedia solutions

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Alibaba Cloud Mulitmedia solutions


The evolution and constant development of the Internet has led to a boom in the multimedia industry. Enormous amount of multimedia content is created and consumed each day. Outmoded solutions are not able to keep pace with rapid demand, low-cost solutions.

Multimedia is an amalgamation of different content forms like animation, image, text, video and sound etc. The consumer expects a choice of contact media types – voice, email, web chat, social media, etc. The content generated by the company should be delivered to the audience in a fast and seamless manner, in order to set your organization apart from your competitors. It helps to create a unique presence for the product and services on the web, presentations or training. It also helps to develop long-lasting relationship with their targeted customers.

Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions allow you to create, implement, and deliver digital media content seamlessly.

Types of Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions

Video Surveillance Solution:

Video surveillance is an important constituent for security systems. It is secured and economical cloud-based video surveillance management system. It acts as the foundation for departments to carry out real-time monitoring activities. The solution is gaining acceptance among small and medium-sized enterprises due to factors like reliability, security, and low cost of deployment and maintenance. It reduces construction cost, development costs and enhances System Security.

Video on Demand Solution:

Traditional solutions encounters challenges like delay in simultaneous video uploading, processing, streaming, playing, uncontrollable peak traffic caused by burst services etc. Video on Demand Solution enables immediate downloading and viewing of videos either in real-time or for future consumption. It reduces development costs. Alibaba Cloud multimedia solutions provide tailored Video on Demand solutions. It offers High availability and unlimited scalability for uninterrupted streaming.

Live Video Broadcast Solution: 

It is the fastest growing service in the multimedia industry. Traditional broadcasting solutions involve transmission via satellite communications and the Internet. The transcoding using physical transcoders is full of challenges. Alibaba Cloud multimedia solutions provide customizable solution as per business needs with smooth migration across geographies.  The Live Video Broadcast Solution is robust and cost effective. The live-streaming ecosystem has high network quality, low latency, and smooth transcoding of streamed data.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions

Alibaba Cloud Multimedia solutions provide customized multimedia solutions for the online multimedia industry with its competitive cloud storage capabilities, elastic computing, abundant bandwidth resources, and sophisticated security control mechanisms.

  • Maximum data security which is possible by configuring authentication settings for the content stored in Object Storage Service.
  • Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions are cost effective. Saving costs is possible with Alibaba Cloud’s extensive cloud computing and network capabilities.
  • Quick and uninterrupted video streaming is possible due to Object Storage Services’ Append Object feature.
  • There is low latency. You can Upload, process, play, and push video streams simultaneously within minutes through global Content Delivery Network
  • Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions reduces development costs with unlimited scalability for transcoding, storage, delivery, and other functions
  • Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions is available on Pay-As-You-Go payment model with minimal maintenance and configuration requirements
  • Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions provide high-level of flexibility and customizable options
  • Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions provide smooth playback experience which is delivered by on-demand audio and video incremental services.

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