Impact and Benefits of Abbott i-STAT Handheld device on Indian Healthcare System

Healthcare industry is growing at a remarkable pace owing to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players. Abbott i-STAT handheld device is one of the major contributors in modernizing Indian healthcare system. Read our comprehensive blog on benefits and impact of i-STAT handheld device. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment.

i-STAT Handheld device


Abbott’s i-STAT handheld device provides lab-quality results in minutes for faster patient care. I-STAT handheld device operates with the advanced technology of single-use i-STAT test cartridges. I-STAT handheld device and cartridges together create the i-STAT System*—a point-of-care (POC) system that allow health care professionals to quickly respond to needs and conditions of patients. The i-STAT handheld device enables seamless integration of results with hospital information system ensuring results are accurately uploaded to the electronic medical record.

Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions Provider in India, are the authorized distributor of Abbott i-STAT handheld device in India. Here are few benefits of i-stat handheld device which will enhance your practice and lead to faster patient care.


Benefits of i-STAT handheld device

  • i-STAT System is simple to use. Patient can get results in four steps quickly and at low cost
  • i-STAT handheld device quickly delivers results as compared to bench-top systems and the central lab 1, 2
  • i-STAT System increases patient satisfaction by minimizing wait time and length of stay
  • Single-use i-STAT test cartridges cover a huge menu of commonly used tests in one platform
  • The i-STAT 1 Wireless Analyzer transfers results wirelessly to Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Info HQ Manager, Advanced Quality Features and STATNotes integrate test results with information management software thus streamlining the information
  • The i-STAT System can help drive greater system efficiencies, cost savings, and patient care decision-making.


Impact of i-STAT handheld device on various healthcare facilities in India

  • Hospital – Delivers lab-quality results in minutes, the i-STAT System allows health care teams to stay with the patient to deliver collaborative, patient-centered care and drive operational performance. The i-STAT System can benefit a range of hospital departments from the laboratory and respiratory care to the ED and surgical services.
  • Emergency Department – It helps to gain control over patient management by reducing the steps involved in the complex blood testing process.
  • Critical Care – i-STAT system reduces potential for errors, promotes collaboration among clinical teams, increases family involvement and confidence and reduce use of hospital resources.
  • Hospital Departments – i-STAT system benefits all the departments, reduces the time & labour required to collect, process and report results. It increases system efficiency and productivity, patients benefit from a broad test menu.
  • Laboratory – The i-STAT System delivers diagnostic testing and record-keeping in four easy steps. It delivers lab-quality results quickly compared to bench-top systems. The i-STAT System offers 24/7 with-patient testing, avoid delays due to transport, human distractions, maintenance, and calibration.
  • General Practitioners / Nursing Homes – iSTAT provides lab quality results quickly thus allowing physicians to respond and provide treatment as the situation demands.Testing needs of wide range of patients can be met early.
  • Home Healthcare – i-STAT system is a handheld portable device. It allows tests to be performed in the patient’s home, office or other convenient health care setting. It increases family’s involvement and confidence in the patient experience.
  • Military Boots – The i‑STAT System helps in serving military personnel where every minute matters. It can be deployed in a multitude of settings – domestic emergencies and international affairs.
  • Community Care – The i‑STAT System allows healthcare teams to be with patient to deliver collaborative, patient-centered care. Various outpatient facilities can benefit from the i‑STAT System’s like Ambulatory care, Long-term care, Surgery care and Urgent care.
  • Rural Health – The portable i‑STAT System brings care closer to the patient where clinics and smaller hospitals have little or no access to urban healthcare services. It allows clinicians working in other areas to access results and document the disease state for patients in the rural communities.
  • Urban Health – The i‑STAT System helps to streamline patient flow and productivity in health care facilities. It increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the time required to collect, process and report results without having to leave the patient’s side.
  • Ambulance – the i‑STAT System delivers fast, lab-quality results in minutes to diagnose and make immediate treatment decisions.


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