Inspira M-SIEM Service to tackle advanced Cyber threats successfully

Advanced cyber threats is a malicious act that attempts to gain access to a computer network without authorization or permission from the owners. Many different kinds of advanced cyber threats are lurking on the Internet. It important for an organization to effectively mitigate risk & protect the network from cyber-attacks thus ensuring data security through round-the-clock security management.


Advanced Cyber Threats


What is SIEM?


Security Information and Event Management monitors for advanced cyber threats in real time for quick attack detection and response with holistic security reporting and compliance management. When the attack occurs in a network using SIEM, the software provides insight into all the IT components (gateways, servers, firewalls, etc.)


SIEM is a powerful way for organizations to detect the advanced cyber threats to their networks. SIEM solution brings event, advanced cyber threats and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management and compliance reporting. It delivers the context required for adaptive security risk management. SIEM provides a complete view of an organization’s IT security by providing real time reporting combined with long-term analysis of security events. It logs event records from sources throughout a network. The logs provide important information to an IT staff, which the software then helps to analyze.


Key Features are

  • Real-time event correlation
  • Advanced Cyber Threats intelligence
  • Active response
  • Advanced search and forensic analysis
  • USB device monitoring
  • IT compliance reporting


Inspira M-SIEM Service:


Inspira Enterprise – leading IT Solutions Provider in India provides monitoring of the Key Web Facing assets via the M-SIEM service which offers 24×7 monitoring.

  • Monitor the rapidly surface advanced cyber threats and deliver the contextual information needed to mitigate the advanced cyber threats, including compromised accounts, insider threats and intellectual property at risk of exfiltration etc.
  • Allows you to view insider threats across endpoints, servers, networks and log data, connecting high-risk actions to users.
  • Gain visibility into DNS activity in your environment to effectively detect rogue hosts and compromised or misconfigured systems.
  • Reveal denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, identify a “case zero,” and enable you to quarantine the root cause to help you prevent further impact on your network.


Why Inspira M-SIEM Service:


  • Advanced Cyber Threats Intelligence:

Inspira enables monitoring of baseline activity for all collected information in real time and provides prioritized alerts of potential threats before they occur, while also analyzing data for patterns that may indicate a larger threat.


  • Analysts Review Critical Facts in Minutes, Not Hours:

The highly-tuned database can collect, process, and correlate tons of log events with other data streams at the speed thus analyzing all information available for immediate ad hoc queries, forensics, rules validation and compliance.


  • Simplify Compliance:

Integrated Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) enables a “collect once, comply with many” methodology for meeting compliance requirements and keeping your audit efforts and expense to a minimum.


  • Connecting IT infrastructure:

Inspira collects valuable data from hundreds of types of security vendor devices across an infrastructure and offers active integrations with: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) for policy-based endpoint management and, McAfee Network Security Manager for intrusion prevention. With these integrations Inspira can automate many first response actions, helping organizations respond to attacks more quickly and efficiently.


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