Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech industry

Video conferencing Solutions in edutech

The edutech sector in India has entered new era – learning through mobile devices, online videos, online lectures through video conferencing etc. Video conferencing solutions in edutech is playing a key role for collaborative education experience among students in India.… Continue Reading


Top 10 Latest Technology Trends of 2017.


A digital network one of the latest technology trends is emerging to support the upcoming digital business and its underlying technology platforms and IT practices. The digital business evolution is exploiting new digital models to align more closely to the… Continue Reading


Sound Based Payment Technology is the Future of Digital Payments.

Sound based technology

What is Sound Based Payment Technology? Sound Based Payment technology allows contact-less payments through sound waves. There is no reliance or dependence on any specific platform. A sound based payment system functions on Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. The sound based payment technology… Continue Reading