Top 10 Technology Trends of 2018

Innovation in technology is taking a massive leap in the 21st century. Learn about top technology trends of 2018 in our comprehensive blog here. The world is moving towards digitally empowered mesh of not just people, but also of things and services. In top technology trends of 2018 and beyond let’s expect a thin line of difference between real and digital stuffs.


Technology trends of 2018

You will have to operate in the era of new technologies so make a robust plan to adapt to sophisticated technologies like software-defined networks, cloud, big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence,  IoT, Blockchain etc.


In 2018, there will be number of technology breakthroughs. In order to maximize the value of your investments in business technology, you will require an understanding of the upcoming top technology trends of 2018.


  1. AI & Intelligent Machines

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning comprehend advanced algorithms and data sets such as natural-language processing, deep learning and neural networks. These systems function independently, can learn, understand and predict future behavior. They can lead to the development of intelligent devices and programs. Many organizations are in their initial stages of collecting information to build their AI strategies. AI will remain on top of the technology trends of 2018. AI will be used to enhance decision making process, improve customer experience and reinvent business models.


  1. Intelligent Apps and Analytics

    Apps, application and service will integrate Artificial Intelligence at some level. AI will run in the background while giving rise to entirely new applications. Smartphone will have a dedicated AI chip and that would be one of the top technology tends of 2018. It’ll will be an inseparable part of our lives and we won’t even notice it. Augmented analytics will automate data preparation, insight discovery, insight sharing and will become an important part of businesses. Intelligent apps will create a new layer between people and systems. It has the potential to transform the nature of work and the structure of the workplace. Intelligent solutions will change the way people interact with systems and will transform the way we work.


  1. Intelligent Things

    Intelligent things will use AI and machine learning in combination.  It will help intelligent things to interact with people and surroundings in a more unified way. AI and machine learning will increasingly appear in a variety of things as the technology develops. There will be shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a group of concerted intelligent things. Multiple devices will work together, either independently or with human input, hence intelligent things which would be IoT devices remains on the top of technology trends of 2018.


  1. Digital Twin

    Digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. Digital twins are linked to real-world objects and offer information. Digital twins offer help with asset management, operational efficiency and insights into how products are used and how they can be improved. Digital representations of virtually every aspect of our world will be connected dynamically with their real-world counterpart.


  1. Cloud to the edge

    In edge computing information source is closer to information processing, content collection and delivery. Cloud is used to create a service-oriented model and edge could offer a delivery style for execution of disconnected parts of a cloud service. Cloud computing should play an important role in shaping up the technology trends of 2018.


  1. Conversational Platforms

    Chatbots are type of Conversational platform that is transforming how humans interact with the emerging digital world. This new platform will be in the form of question and command experiences where a user asks a question and the platform is able to respond. It has the power to process different user queries and complex interactions. The challenge that conversational platforms face is that users are expected to communicate in a very structured way which can lead to frustration. Chatbots will top the charts of technology trends of 2018 with many organization improvising their connectivity with customers.


  1. Immersive Experience

    Augmented reality (AR) will grow exponentially among consumers. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality will change how humans interact and perceive the world. Businesses can use immersive experience to create real-life scenarios and apply them to design, training and visualization processes according to Gartner.


  1. Blockchain

    Blockchain is disruptive technology that has changed the way businesses operate. Blockchain has the potential to truly disrupt multiple industries. It makes processes democratic, secure, transparent, and efficient. Entrepreneurs, startup companies, investors, global organizations and governments have identified blockchain as innovatory technology. Be cautious while dealing with blockchain and its applications as the legality of blockchain and bitcoin applications remains suspicious in many parts of the world. Blockchain primarily in Banking industry has been disrupting the way account ledger is managed online, hence Blockchain is among the technology tends of 2018.


  1. Event-Driven

    Events are an important part of any business. They reflect the prominent changes in a business. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, business events can be detected quickly and analyzed with more accuracy. Enterprises should embrace “event thinking” as part of IT business strategy.

  1. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

    Digital Business leads to complex security environment. The use of sophisticated tools increases potential threat to the networks. The organizations should be aware about these threats and closely combat it. The Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust (CARTA) enables organizations to get their hands on real-time, risk, and trust-based decision making. Traditional security techniques use ownership and control rather than trust which will not work in the digital world. In the era of digital world, organizations need to integrate security into their DevOps to deliver a continuous “DevSecOps” process.


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