Internet of Things Cloud


Alibaba Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) solution is a suite of cloud products and services which let you build innovative applications to gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices, without maintaining a separate infrastructure.

Take your smart technology platforms to the next level with stable, cost-efficient, smooth and reliable cloud services. This lets you quickly build automated solutions with fully integrated, data-driven and highly scalable cloud computing solutions.

Key Solutions

Automotive Logistics Solutions

Lets you achieve useful insights through vehicle monitoring data collected using Alibaba Cloud services.

Smart Real Estate Solutions

Collect, analyze, and manage real estate equipment data remotely using Alibaba Cloud's advanced cloud computing.

Smart Hardware Solutions

Access real-time data of client devices to gain insightful product and sales information through data analysis.



Provides local backup for remote disaster recovery to improve availability and reliability of data. Disaster recovery configured on globally dispersed Alibaba Cloud data centers.

High Concurrency

Architecture based on distributed systems at application layer. High concurrent data processing capabilities which can service tens of millions of online vehicles, vehicle managers, drivers and goods owners simultaneously.


Architecture based on Alibaba Cloud products which are always available and on-demand. Provides flexible and resizable cloud network support to meet changing requirements according to business needs.


Provides powerful, integrated security systems which includes DDoS prevention, network intrusion detection, web application protection, host intrusion protection, vulnerability detection and Trojan detection.

High Performance

Provides high concurrent data processing capabilities to facilitate services for millions of connected hardware and allows users to control, query or even upload smart hardware data in real-time.

Detailed analysis

Provides automotive network solutions which can mine specific data. This allows you to extract actionable insights for your business through various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence.