Web Hosting Solutions


With most websites experiencing unpredictable traffic, manual deployment and load-balancing of traffic, using hardware balancers can lead to either under-provisioning or over-provisioning of the infrastructure. A cloud web hosting environment allows your web application to utilize on-demand, virtual resources or servers and saves you from investing money into buying new servers. Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting Solutions provide practical scenarios, real-time business use cases, and best practices to help IT system managers, solution architects, and technology heads, handle critical deployment scenarios helping your business to efficiently manage the most demanding web application hosting situations.


Web Application Hosting

Accelerated Content Deliver

Auto Scaling

Higher IO Performance

Disaster Recovery

Multi-region Deployments


Having a robust and resilient infrastructure is the basic foundation for building a successful business and web application. Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting Solutions helps your business to efficiently manage the most demanding web hosting situations.

Security and monitoring

A comprehensive, high quality and multi-layered security architecture protects your servers from attacks.


High availability through multiple data centers deployments with no single-point-of-failure.

Resource management

Easy manage your website's fluctuating traffic peaks with one of the world's leading load balancing services.


Rely on virtual servers that automatically adjust to ensure your application always has optimum resources.