ApsaraDB for RDS

An on-demand database hosting service for MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.


Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS (Relationship Database System) is an on-demand database service that frees you up from the administrative labor of managing a database, and leaves you with more time to focus on your core business. ApsaraDB for RDS is a ready-to-use service that is offered on MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. RDS handles routine database tasks such as provisioning, patch up, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair.

ApsaraDB for RDS can also protect against network attacks and intercept SQL injections, brute force attacks and other types of database attacks.

Product Details

As a highly available managed service, ApsaraDB for RDS includes automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The product includes automated provisioning and scalability, which allows you to scale your databases up and down based on your application’s real time needs

When you chose the multi-zone deployment option, ApsaraDB for RDS automatically replicates your data across different zones and enhances the availability and reliability of your production workloads. ApsaraDB RDS also ensures automatic failover from your master database. The service supports up to 20,000 IOPS and 2TB storage for each instance and supports read-only instances with expandable read capacity using ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL database.



  • Guarantees up to 99.9% of business availability.
  • Provides automatic failover in case primary instances are not available.
  • Offers remote and local disaster recovery.
  • Ensures reliability with automated backups, snapshots and automatic host replacement.


  • Protects against network attacks.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of traffic at network entry level.
  • Intercepts SQL injection, brute force attacks and other types of database attacks.
  • Provides second level data recovery in the case of system failures.

Easy to Use

  • Provides real-time monitoring and instance alerts.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards allow you to schedule inspections and customize metrics.


  • Supports up to 20,000 IOPS and 2TB storage for each instance.
  • Supports read-only instances with expandable read capacity using ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL database.


  • Cost-effective and with no upfront cost or long-term commitment.
  • Offers flexible payment options including Monthly Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go.



Three-level Security Defense System

  • Anti-DDoS: Provides real-time traffic monitoring at network entry point. If any high traffic attack is identified, source IPs are either cleaned or blacklisted.

  • IP Whitelist Configuration: Supports configuration of up to 1,000 IP addresses. These can be connected to an ApsaraDB for RDS instance so that the risks are directly controlled at source.

  • Protection of Database from Various Attacks: Intercepts SQL injection, brute force attacks and other forms of database attacks. ApsaraDB for RDS also provides SQL audits, allowing you to keep track of who accessed the instance when, and what action was taken at that time.


Three-Tier High Availability and Disaster Recovery Architecture

  • Primary/Standby Architecture: Increase availability by running your application on two instances in different zones with automatic data synchronization. When the primary instance is not available, the system will automatically initiate failover to the standby or secondary instance.

  • Local Disaster Recovery: Enhances data reliability by deploying primary and standby instances in different zones with independent power sources and network environments.

  • Remote Disaster Recovery: Synchronizes data in real time at different locations through data transmission. During any disaster, you can switch to the remote disaster recovery instance from the primary instance to guarantee business availability. This is currently in public beta state for MySQL ApsaraDB for RDS.


  • Elastic Scalability: Scales up or down based on your applications’ real time requirements to ensure 100% resource utilization.
  • Massive Storage Space: Supports up to 20,000 IOPS and 2TB of storage for a single ApsaraDB for RDS instance. You can also upgrade memory and disk space according to your requirements.
  • Infinite Read Capacity: Supports read-only instances for MySQL hosting thereby increasing the read capacity. Each read-only instance has a dedicated IP address and load distribution is managed at the application level.
  • Configuration: Supports configuration of up to 1,000 server IP addresses to connect to a ApsaraDB for RDS instance so that risks are directly controlled at source.


  • Ease of Use: Allows you to effortlessly manage ApsaraDB for RDS instances using our web-based Management Console.
  • Ease of Connection: Supports simultaneous connection to the Intranet and/or Internet in the high security access mode:
  • An Internet address can be connected to the server via the public network to make it easy to manage instances locally.
  • The Intranet address can be connected via other Alibaba Cloud products such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) within the same region for faster response times and better security.

Automatic Backup

  • Regular Backups: Improves disaster recovery capabilities and increases overall database efficiency by ensuring data is backed up automatically using Object Storage Service (OSS).
  • Easy Recovery Options: Allows you to save point-in-time snapshots of documents and log files over the last 7 days to eliminate risks like data loss and data corruption associated with your stored data.

Automatic Monitoring

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides crucial instance information like CPU utilization, IOPS, connections, and disk space utilization in real-time so that you can monitor and protect business critical applications.
  • ApsaraDB for RDS Manager: Schedule inspections and customize inspection metrics. ApsaraDB for RDS Manager also provides expert suggestions on SQL statement optimization and diagnostic reports on the performance of your instances.

Processing Power


Built for Success

Built using Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 processor family, Alibaba Cloud Relational Database Service (RDS) delivers record-breaking performance that gives you the power and capacity to fuel your best business ideas and handle data-demanding and transaction-intensive applications.

ApsaraDB for Memcache

A high-performance managed Memcached database service to get your applications up and running.


Note: Alibaba Cloud wishes to notify customers that ApsaraDB for Memcache is in the process of being updated and sale of this product is currently on hold. The updated product will be available again to purchase in early 2017. For further details or other queries about this product please contact our sales team for more information.

ApsaraDB for Memcache is a managed memory based caching service, which supports high-speed access to queries and data. ApsaraDB for Memcache improves the response of dynamic websites or applications by relieving the load on the backend database as cache data is stored in-memory.

By giving your applications quick access to data and significantly reducing latency, ApsaraDB for Memcache allows you to easily get your applications up and running. This in turn frees you up from managing server lists, nodes, clusters, updates and patches.

Product Details

As a distributed and in-memory solution, ApsaraDB for Memcache stores information temporarily in the node’s memory and speeds up your application by taking the load off the database. ApsaraDB for Memcache enables you to provision and launch nodes (memcached server) with just a few clicks and change configurations without any service interruptions.

The Memcache database service supports Key-Value data structure so all clients compatible with Memcache protocol can easily communicate with ApsaraDB for Memcache. As ApsaraDB for Memcache runs in distributed clusters, it also ensures automatic failure recovery by replacing unhealthy nodes, and restores services automatically with distributed clustering and load balancing design.

ApsaraDB for Memcache is compatible with open-source Memcached binary (SASL) protocol. In addition, it supports fully encrypted SSL connections and ensures restricted access to the server to prevent various network attacks.



  • Restores services automatically with distributed clustering and load balancing design.

  • Protects deployments from Single Point of Failures by replacing unhealthy nodes.

  • Automatically restores client sessions to the application.


  • Easy provisioning through the Alibaba Cloud Management Console for memcached hosting.

  • Easy to change configurations without any service interruptions.

  • Scales storage capacity based on real-time application requirement.


  • Compatible with open-source Memcached binary (SASL) protocol.

  • Simplifies and automates database management within memcached hosting.

Cost Effective

  • Cost effective with no upfront cost or long-term commitment.


  • Provides faster data response as cache data is stored in-memory.


  • Supports fully encrypted SSL connection without compromising performance.

  • Ensures restricted access to server to prevent various network attacks.



  • Provides quick access to data with in-memory caching service.

  • Replaces unhealthy nodes and prevents data loss due to Single Point of Failure (SPOF).

  • Acts as a session manager, for example, it can store the user session data and synchronize among application programs.

Security Assurance

  • Prevents attacks by restricting access to nodes only through private networks for applications running on Alibaba Cloud ECS servers.

  • Provides high-level security for applications with features such as user authentication and IP address whitelisting.

Elastic Expansion

  • Easily scale your nodes up or down according to business needs without service interruption.

Hot Data Access

  • Reduces the load on back-end storage by caching frequently accessed data.

  • Increases response rate of applications.

Compatible with Common Protocols

  • Supports all Key-Value data structures.

  • Clients which are Memcached-protocol compliant can use ApsaraDB for Memcache.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Increased visibility with real-time and historical monitoring based on multiple view statistics.

Effective Management

  • Enables you to focus on business by providing routine maintenance, software and hardware fault handling services and patch updates.

ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service that offers in-memory caching and high-speed access to applications hosted on the cloud


ApsaraDB for Redis is an automated and scalable tool for developers to manage data storage shared across multiple processes, applications or servers.

As a Redis protocol compatible tool, ApsaraDB for Redis offers exceptional read-write capabilities and ensures data persistence by using memory and hard disk storage. ApsaraDB for Redis provides data read-write capabilities at high speed by retrieving data from in-memory caches and ensures data persistence by using both memory and hard disk storage mode.

ApsaraDB for Redis supports advanced data structures, which are not readily achievable via databases such as leaderboard, counting, session, and tracking.

Product Details

ApsaraDB for Redis supports a variety of data types. These include strings, lists, sets, sorted sets, hash tables and many other advanced functions such as transactions, message subscription and publishing.

During heavy read operations, ApsaraDB for Redis accelerates applications by storing cached objects in queues to minimize latency during regular operations. ApsaraDB for Redis is ideal for applications such as social networking, gaming, media sharing, Q&A portals and compute-intensive workloads.

ApsaraDB for Redis offers master-slave replication and multi-AZ deployment, which helps to achieve better data availability. The product also offers master-slave dual node backup architecture without any service interruptions.



  • Provides Redis hosting which is compatible with open-source Redis protocol.

  • Rapidly deploys Redis-compliant cache services

  • Provides infrastructure provisioning and easy maintenance of cache software

  • Compatible with existing tools or clients like Jedis.

Easy to use

  • Easy to use Management Console

  • Enhanced visibility into queues with monitoring statistics


  • Quickly allows to add or delete storage capacity/cache nodes.

  • Adjust storage capacity without interrupting application services.

High Availability

  • Automatically detects node failure and replaces failed nodes.

  • Offers master-slave dual node backup architecture without service interruptions.


  • Provides high-speed data read-write capabilities.

  • Ensures persistent data storage using memory and hard disk storage mode.


Simple Key Value Storage

  • Facilitates quick deployment of services.

  • Provides multiple views of monitoring statistics which can be managed from Alibaba Cloud Management Console for hosted Redis.

  • Supports multiple data operations to meet complex user requirements.


  • Compatible with open-source Redis database.

  • Compatible with all data types defined in open-source Redis protocol, including string, hash, list, set and sorted set.

Elastic Expansion

  • One-click storage capacity expansion: Allows you to scale storage capacity up or down in real time through Management Console (the function should be enabled via request during the public beta version of the ApsaraDB for Redis).


  • Eliminates interruptions caused by single point of failure (SPOF) using master-slave dual node for every instance.

  • Automatically detects any kind of failure in hardware and quickly provides recovery options to restore the service.


  • Provides high-speed data read-write capability.

  • Ensures persistent data storage by using memory and hard disk storage mode.

  • Offers excellent backup services using master and slave dual nodes.

Smooth Transaction Operation

  • ApsaraDB for Redis supports transaction function defined in the Redis protocol.

  • Implements atomic operation, which consists of multiple commands sent from a single client.

Advanced Message Notification Mechanism

  • Enables message Pub/Sub function by decoupling the publish client and subscribe client based on event notification mechanism.

  • Implements interconnections among multiple clients in hosted Redis.


A cloud based OLAP data analytics service that enables big data processing to gain actionable insights


Get critical business insights from data sourced from multiple locations, instantly processed in a highly concurrent and multi-dimensional analysis system with Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB. Analytic DB is a real-time Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) managed database cloud service that can crunch enormous amounts of data. As a fast and flexible database service, Analytic DB is compatible with MySQL protocol, including metadata information.

The Analytic DB service easily integrates into your business ecosystem to equip you with the power to discover new trends and enable business transformation based on data analysis.

Product Details

With its advanced analytics, built-in security and optimized query processing, Analytic DB enables you to achieve complex business objectives. The fast query response time of Analytic DB allows you to compute data in billions of milliseconds. Analytic DB is more scalable than standard databases—ideal for deploying business analytics, big data cloud solutions for projects, reporting and advanced analytics.

As a Pay-As-You-Go solution, you can easily integrate Analytic DB with your application to quickly analyse large amounts of data without making any huge upfront investment.



  • Processes massive amounts of data and delivers high performance through SQL multi-dimensional analysis and data filtering.

  • Performs flexible computing analysis with built-in data modeling.

Fast response time

  • Allows quick real-time analysis of massive amounts of data.

  • Provides exceptional processing performance by supporting large table calculations.


  • Supports standard SQL database queries such as DDL, DML and DCL.

  • Compatible with MySQL standard protocol including JDBC and ODBC.

  • Built-in support for rapid data access from multiple data storage sources.


  • Automatic indexing without requiring schema or secondary indexes.

  • Quickly exports massive amounts of data at high speed.

  • Built-in functions such as spatial computing and segmentation.

Here is a comparison of Analytic DB with other traditional OLAP engines:

Parameter Analytic DB Traditional OLAP Engines
Data usage Supports business-driven in-depth data exploration and interactive data analysis. Most engines primarily support data-driven computing modes for fixed report-type presentations.
Data scale The high-performance computing engine supports computing and analysis of massive data. The low-performance computing engine is able to support only a portion of the data for computation.
Engine capabilities Powered by distributed computing technology. Results can be computed quickly allowing free data exploration. Usually, no advance modeling is required. In most situations either query speeds are slow, or you must establish a cube or other models in advance and analyze the data based on this model.
Cost Under the Pay-As-You-Go model, you are only charged for the resources you actually use. Works on one-time payment or license purchase models.
Delivery Methods

1. Ready for use right after you apply.

2. Provides multi-tenant flexibility.

3. Database provisioning with a few clicks instantly.

Traditional software delivery methods with long purchase cycle and delayed provisioning.


High Power Computing Capabilities

Advanced Features

  • Compatible with SQL to provide multi-dimensional analysis, data pivot, and data filtering.

  • Supports data definition, operations and control by standard SQL. For example: DDL, DML, and DCL.

  • Supports functions such as JOIN, HAVING, DISTINCT, etc.

  • Performs combined queries for any fields.

  • Supports conventional aggregation functions, as well as personalized segmentation, sampling, and other statistical functions.

Quick Export

  • Supports fast dump to transfer massive volumes of data to another system in the cloud.

  • Offers high dump speed of over 1 million lines per second.

High Performance

  • Pivots billions of data bytes in multiple dimensions.

  • Supports contextual computing for multiple large tables within milliseconds.

  • Creates most suitable index format for each data column using fully automated functions.

  • The computing engine intelligently optimizes user queries to enhance performance and reduce cost.

Availability Assurance

  • Provides high availability and redundancy with multi copy data storage options, and dynamic resource management mechanisms.


  • Implements permission management mechanism to ensure data security.

  • Utilizes public/private key mechanism to enhance data security.


Compatible with MySQL

  • Fully compatible with MySQL protocol (including data element information).

  • Provides inherent compatibility with commercial analysis tools and applications.

  • Offers built-in support for fast access to data source for various types of data.

  • Reduces cost to access service systems and business software.


  • Offers easy-to-use graphical management console, comprehensive documentation, manuals and quick start guides.

  • Flexible billing methods where you only pay for the resources used.

Special Functions

  • You can use the geographic LBI function to circle geographic coordinate data without depending on spatial indexes.

  • Offers built-in dynamic segmentation, rapid aggregation and other functions to facilitate the development of OLAP server based applications.