Alibaba Cloud DNS (Beta)

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides generic top-level domains (TLDs) both in Mainland China and internationally.


What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) is an industry standard for managing domain names and their Internet Protocols (IP). A DNS service is often likened to a phonebook directory in that it acts a directory but for domain names and their IP registration.

What is Alibaba Cloud DNS?

Alibaba Cloud DNS is a secure DNS service currently available to Alibaba Cloud customers in Beta format. Alibaba Cloud DNS provides a powerful and secure cluster cloud DNS service.

Alibaba Cloud DNS Advantages

Based on cloud technology, Alibaba Cloud DNS provides the following advantages:

Stability and Reliability

High Availability Service

  • Alibaba Cloud uses cutting-edge cloud DNS cluster technology and exclusive multi-line BGP to provide automatic cluster migration with no downtime. Alibaba Cloud DNS is available across multiple data centers with real-time monitoring of system performance.

Security Assurance

Alibaba Cloud DNS has Taobao-level defensive capabilities

  • Alibaba Cloud has developed an Internet traffic flow-cleaning center for over 100 GB traffic, which can quickly identify and track attack behaviors and immediately handle attacks according to preset plans, ensuring the stability and reliability of domain name resolution.

Smart Resolution

Resolutions take effect in real-time for fast access

  • Alibaba Cloud fully supports province-level smart resolution for multi-line carriers and multi-line smart resolution for other countries.

Global Deployment

Cutting-edge DNS cluster technology

  • DNS servers are deployed in BPG Data Centers located in Mainland China, the U.S, and Hong Kong. Alibaba Cloud DNS provides high-speed, low-latency network transmission to ensure that resolution data from multiple nodes are globally synchronized in real-time securely.

Domains (Beta)

As Asia's No.1 domain name registrar, we have registered over 20 million domain names. Get free domain during our Beta period.


As Asia's No.1 domain name registrar, we have been offering professional domain name registration service for 20 years. We have registered over 20 million domain names.


About .COM domain names

.COM is short for commercial. .COM is currently the most widely used domain name format. At present, over 127.5 million users have .COM names globally. This is considered the standard to all International companies.

Domain name advantages

  • The world’s most popular domains use the .COM suffix. Currently, there are over 127.5 million registered .COM domain names. It is the world’s most popular domain and one of the generic top-level domains (gTLD).
  • Globally, this is what most companies promote their trademarks or company names for their web sites. Because end users associate these together,it is very sought out for marketing and traffic.
  • .COM also help to build trust for the site.


About .NET domain names

  • .NET is also a wildly popular domain level format. Generally, this format is used by institutions and companies engaged in Internet services. It is the preferred choice by anyone who wants to establish a global brand.

Domain name advantages

  • The most popular domain name formats .COM and .NET have 143.2 million registrations in total.

The mark of the Internet age
  • This domain name format is used for Internet service institutions and companies to establish a global brand and international image.
Suitable for registration by anyone
  • Can be registered by anyone from individuals to companies or organizations.
The most established domain name
  • As one of the generic top-level domains (gTLD) it has an established reputation second only to .COM.

Service advantages

Easy and secure

  • Fast, reliable registration: You can easily register and manage your domain names using our powerful self-service platform.

Fast and Secure

  • With high available secure cloud DNS clusters, the Alibaba Cloud DNS service supports smart redundant DNS. This all adds up to a smooth user experience.

High cost effectiveness

  • We pride ourselves at offering enterprise class service at a small business prices. We are committed to offering you great products and services at great prices.

No. 1 In Asia

  • As Asia's No.1 domain name registration service registrar we have been offering professional domain registration service for 20 years. We have registered over 20 million domain names!