Alibaba Cloud CDN

A scalable and cost-effective content delivery service for accelerated distribution of any type of content to users across the globe.


Alibaba Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of 530 nodes distributed across the globe to deliver content from your website to end users anywhere in the world. Through the Alibaba Cloud CDN you can effectively shorten website response times to milliseconds, ensure smooth video streaming and handle large volumes of traffic.

The Alibaba Cloud CDN is a low-cost and scalable service, and comes without any long-term contracts or minimum usage commitments. This way you only pay for content delivered through the CDN.



  • Using simple custom configuration options, Alibaba Cloud CDN allows you to add, delete, modify and search query domain names on your own.

  • Supports customizing anti-leech measures, cache policies, HTTP request headers, and other functions.


  • Provides flexible features like auto scaling.

  • Website traffic spikes are handled automatically.

  • Reduces load on origin site.


  • Alibaba Cloud CDN has 500 CDN servers or nodes located in China and more than 30 CDN servers or nodes located across the globe.

Cost Effective

  • Pay only for what resources you use.

  • No long-term contract or minimum usage commitment.

Easy Payment Methods

  • Follows a “use-first, pay-later” model.

  • Provides different billing options such as “Pay-By-Traffic" or "Pay-By-Bandwidth" to suit different business requirements.


  • Supports a massive storage capacity of up to 1.5PB.


  • Enables website response time in milliseconds.

  • Ensures smooth video streaming.



Improves availability of CDN servers or nodes with high-speed read/write storage using SSDs. Accelerates content distribution with page optimization and smart compression technologies.

  • Page optimization removes spaces, line breaks, TABs, annotations, and other redundant page content to reduce page size.
  • Smart compression reduces size of the content and accelerates content distribution.

Increases response time by collapsing multiple JavaScript/CSS files into a single request.

Advanced Scheduling

  • Reduces complexity by supporting millions of domain names with a single machine.

  • Ensures high availability with multi-level scheduling policies.

  • Simple and easy to use. Coordinates security systems, refresh systems and content management systems using multi-system interaction techniques.

  • Enhances user experience with real-time data scheduling option and advanced traffic predictions.


  • High-speed audio and video downloads using acceleration feature for on-demand and live streaming media.

  • Quick and easy integrated solution which includes media storage, slicing and transcoding and access authentication.

  • Smooth playback experience delivered through on-demand audio and video incremental service.

  • Easy deployment with support for MP4 and FLV video formats.

  • Enhanced security of media resources with resource link authentication and custom authentication keys.

Integration with Other Alibaba Cloud Services

You can seamlessly integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN service with other services to improve data transfer speed and easy content distribution. Below are the benefits of using CDN service with other Alibaba Cloud services:

  • Works seamlessly with Object Storage Services (OSS) to accelerate speed and reduce cost for content distribution.

  • Effectively works with Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to increase content availability, protect original content and reduce bandwidth consumption.

  • Works efficiently with Server Load Balancer (SLB) to distribute load when origin site goes to source address to access data.

Easy-to-Use Console

The console is user friendly and allows smart deployment of CDN servers or nodes with custom configurations. You can use the console to achieve the following:

  • Add, delete, modify or send query for domain names.

  • Set policies for acceleration of cache nodes.

  • Deploy anti-leeching features.

  • Update “http” header information according to your business requirements.

  • Deploy acceleration and optimization functions.

Simple and Easy to use APIs

  • CDN API works well with the Management Console to provide flexible and convenient CDN services to users.

  • CDN API enables precise deployment and accurate monitoring of CDN domains and distribution of resources.

  • CDN API can be programmatically used with other Alibaba Cloud products to build customized portals.


  • CDN service provides full network monitoring with rich data analysis and resource report.

  • CDN service provides in-depth monitoring information including data on bandwidth usage, traffic patterns, popularity analysis, and security reports.

Object Storage Service

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service which stores, processes and accesses massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world


Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an easy-to-use service that enables you to store, backup and archive large amounts of data on the cloud. OSS acts as an encrypted central repository from where files can be securely accessed across the globe. OSS guarantees up to 99.9% availability and is a perfect fit for global teams and international project management.

OSS is available at no upfront cost or long-term commitment. You only pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed. Alibaba OSS also comes with no limits on data storage.

Product Details

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) stores objects securely within resources called ‘buckets’. OSS provides you full access to the buckets and allows you to view logs and objects within each bucket. You can read, write, delete and store unlimited objects in your bucket. The high performance of OSS supports multiple reads/writes simultaneously. Data transfers to your buckets are made over SSL and can be encrypted.

The OSS service is built to reduce latency and can process and handle more than 50,000 requests per second. OSS supports media applications, as well as big data, scientific and financial analysis. As Alibaba Cloud OSS stores three copies of your objects to ensure 99. 9% reliability you can also be rest assured that uploading files to the cloud won’t result in any lost data. Built-in security mechanisms include multi-level security, monitoring of non-authorized login attempts, DDoS attack protection and data access policies.

You can leverage the underlying large-scale distributed systems of OSS for automatic data replication and failure recovery. Alibaba Cloud OSS includes automatic data replication and failover features, service availability of 99.9% and data reliability of up to 99.9%.

The service is able to achieve complex capabilities via seamless integration with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN). The service can integrate with third party software vendors using RESTful APIs.



  • Guarantees up to 99.9% availability.

  • Reliability of up to 99.99999999% as it stores 3 copies of your objects.


  • Provides multi-level security and protects against DDoS attacks.

  • Monitors illegal logging access.

  • Transfers data over SSL and provides encrypted cloud storage.

  • Enables policies for accessing data and provides secure cloud storage solution.


  • Scales storage capacity based on your application’s real-time requirements.

  • No limit on data storage.

High Performance

  • Quickly and efficiently processes more than 50,000 requests per second.

  • Ensures fast connectivity within region using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) multi-line network access system.

  • High performance of application as it supports multiple reads/writes simultaneously.

Easy Integration

  • Enables integration with third party software vendors using RESTful APIs.

  • Achieve complex capabilities via seamless integration with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use Management Console for different secure cloud storage solutions based on business needs.

  • Easy access to data from anywhere, anytime.


  • No upfront cost or long-term commitments.

  • You only pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed.



  • Easily upload/download, retrieve and manage massive volumes of data for websites and mobile applications using standard Alibaba Cloud RESTful APIs, SDKs, client tools and a dedicated console.

  • Provides multiple streams of data writing and reading—ideal for enterprises and businesses which require videos and other large files to be read and written simultaneously.

  • Easily configure deletion of expired/old data objects in batches or transfer to low-cost archiving service.

  • Accelerates development speed and reduces development costs by providing C language SDKs for direct connection with OSS.

Simultaneous Read Write Capabilities

  • Suitable for storing surveillance videos.

  • Provides the class file read/write interface which code streams video and append new content to an object (file).

  • Allows video playback in seconds by making uploaded content accessible even when object (file) is not completely written.


  • Offers scalable and unlimited object based storage capacity.

  • Supports high concurrency.

Easy Image Processing

  • Supports thumbnails, cropping, watermarking, compression, format conversion and other image processing functions for stored images.

Flexible Billing Methods

  • Only pay for cloud object storage space used.

  • Save long-term cost with billing based on network traffic and access requests.

Powerful Data Processing Capabilities

  • Provides high throughput read-and-write access.

  • Supports jpg, png, bmp, gif, webp, tiff, and many other file formats, along with features like format conversion, thumbnails, cropping, watermarks, scaling and other operations.

  • Offers high-quality, high-speed parallel audio/video transcoding capabilities so you can easily prepare audio/video files for any device.

  • Accelerates content delivery with OSS as origin site and ensures stability with no back-to-source bandwidth restrictions.

Processing Power


Built for Success

Built using Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 processor family, Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) delivers record breaking performance that gives you the power and capacity to fuel your best business ideas and handle data demanding and transaction intensive applications.

Message Service

A message queuing and notification service that facilitates smooth transfer of messages between applications


Alibaba Cloud Message Service is a distributed message queuing and notification service that supports concurrent operations to facilitate message transfer between applications and decoupled systems. Alibaba Cloud Message Service enables users to move data between distributed applications to achieve complex tasks, and build decoupled fault tolerant applications.

As a Pay-As-You-Go service, Alibaba Cloud Message Service does not require any upfront investment and saves you the hassle of owning and scaling your own messaging platform. Best of all the service is maintenance free.

Product Details

As a cloud-based and maintenance free service, Alibaba Cloud Message Service ensures message queuing to ensure that a message gets consumed at least once and allows multiple producers and consumers to operate on the same message queue concurrently.

In regards to security, Cloud Message provides multiple level security with authentication mechanisms to secure against unauthorized access.

The service is easy-to-use, with APIs such as SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, and DeleteMessage. Message Service works on a “First-In-First-Out” basis to ensure messages are consumed in the order that they are sent. Cloud Message is compatible with other Alibaba Cloud services.



  • Easy-to-use service with APIs such as SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, and DeleteMessage.

  • Leverage benefits of standard HTTP RESTful interfaces with Alibaba Cloud Message Service.

  • A maintenance-free service without any dependency on the platform.

  • Compatible with other Alibaba Cloud services.


  • Quickly backs up data across multiple Availability Zones ensuring 99.9999999% reliability.

  • Leverages service availability up to 99.99%.

  • Ensures successful message delivery within the valid period.


  • Provides multiple level security with authentication mechanisms.

  • Ensures messages are stored in queues and secured against unauthorized access.

Customizable Queue Attribute Configuration

  • Allows you to personalize queuing attributes to support different application scenarios.

  • Supports customization for delay and prioritizes queues.


Compatibility with RESTful APIs

  • You can easily build message queue and integrate it with other Alibaba Cloud services to build robust distributed deployments by accessing RESTful APIs.

Delay Message

  • Delay messages are supported.

  • You can determine the delay duration using DelaySeconds parameter, which can be specified when you use SendMessage.

Delay Queue

  • You can specify the delay duration of the queuing service by using CreateQueue and SetQueueAttribute.

Concurrent Read/Write

  • Multiple producers and consumers can operate on the same message queue concurrently.

Diversity of Queue Attributes

  • Offers a wide range of message queue service modes which you can personalize including, plain queuing, latency queuing and priority queuing.

Table Store

A fully managed NoSQL cloud database service that enables storage of massive amount of structured and semi-structured data


Alibaba Cloud Table Store is a scalable and fully managed NoSQL database service based on automatic data partitioning and load balancing technologies. Based on SSD technology, this cloud NoSQL database service enables you to store large quantities of structured and semi-structured data with real-time access, strong consistency and single-digit millisecond latency.

This cloud NoSQL database product is an ideal fit for applications that require high memory and throughput such as IoT, games and mobile applications.

Product Details

Built on Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara distributed system, Table Store organizes data in tables consisting of rows and columns, which are capable of scaling rapidly and seamlessly by leveraging data partitioning and load balancing technologies.

The automated backups and failure detection ensure reliability and the flexible data model make it a great fit for any IoT, gaming, mobile applications, web and many other applications.

In regards to security, Table Store offers user-level data isolation, access control and permission management, as well as built-in technologies to mitigate DDoS and CC attacks on NoSQL servers. Table Store runs multiple cloud data backups and provides quick recovery in case of backup failure.



  • Automated failure detection and quick failure recovery.

  • Guaranteed service availability of 99.9%.


  • Multiple cloud data backups and provides quick recovery in case of backup failure.

  • Guaranteed service reliability of 99.9999999%.


  • Automatic partitioning and SSD based technologies.

  • Offers processing capacity of over 10,000 queries per second for each node in the cluster.

  • Provides seamless scaling of applications hosted on the cloud.


  • Easily scales reserved resources based on real-time application hosting needs.


  • Authenticates each request to prevent unauthorized data access to NoSQL servers.

  • Offers user-level data isolation, access control and permission management.

  • Built-in technologies to mitigate DDoS and CC attacks on NoSQL servers.

Cost Effective

  • Allows reserve resources for each table based on estimated data throughput.

  • Easily scales reserved resources based on an applications’ real-time needs

Ease of Use

  • Offers RESTful API, web-based Management Console and SDKs for multiple programming languages.

  • Complete product documentation such as Developer Guide, API references for developers.



  • Automatically manages data partitions, software and hardware upgrades, configuration and cluster scaling out.
  • Relieves developers from day-to-day operational task of managing a NoSQL database.


  • Delivers consistent and fast performance for multiple application hosting on large-scale servers.
  • Provides stability for any row-level data operation

Flexible Data Model

  • Supports applications to store data in multiple data types including integer, double, string, binary and Boolean.
  • Allows each data row to include irregular number of columns without predefining table schema.


  • Easy-to-use Management Console to monitor real-time usage of resources, including information such as requests per second and average response latency.
  • Provides detailed table-level monitoring information including data size, QPS, read/write capacity of units and average NoSQL server-side response time.

Multiple Operations Support

Table Operations

Provides table operations such as ListTable, CreateTable, and DescribeTable.

Data Operations

Performs data operations on a single row, multiple rows or even a particular range of rows.

Data Writing Operations

  • Supports operations such as PutRow, UpdateRow and DeleteRow, which guarantee atomicity and strong consistency.
  • Updates data in distributed file system automatically when data writing operation is successful and fetches latest data from written row.

Data Types of Column Values

Table Store supports 5 data types of column values:

Data Type Definition If PK Column Supports Size Limitation
String UTF-8, could be empty YES Not greater than 2 MB and not greater than 1KB as primary key column
Integer 64 bit Integer YES 8 Bytes
Double 64 bit Double NO 8 Bytes
Boolean True/False NO 1 Byte
Binary Could be Null YES Not greater than 2 MB and not greater than 1KB as primary key column