eCOS – Cloud Object Storage

Auto Scalable Storage for your Growing Data, on eCOS


eCOS is eNlight Cloud Object Storage which enables infinite vertical and horizontal auto-scale for your enterprise objects. With eCOS, users can customize meta data to search and fetch data in a few clicks, replicate data across platforms/regions, manage terabytes of data systematically in a secure cloud environment. With eCOS, enterprises reduce the TCO of storage infrastructure with eNlight’s pay-per-use model.

Product Details

Customize Meta Data

eCOS eliminates the need for web servers and load balancers by fetching details on the web, in real time. Customize meta data, assign unique ID and store file as a single object.

Programmatic Data Management

Manage data with programmatic interfaces provided by eCOS.

Cross Platform Replication

Get off-the-shelf compatibility across cloud and recover objects/ multiple versions of objects, as eCOS runs cross platform replication of data.

Secure Objects

Safeguard your enterprise data against physical & logical failures, fraudulent users & infrastructure failures as eCOS protects objects at all levels

Ease of Management

Organize, manage and monitor your data with the help of a user-friendly GUI. Get status updates and notifications, via high performance object storage APIs on eCOS.

Cost Control

eNlight-supported eCOS operates on pay-per-consume billing model which reduces 60-70% of your storage cost.