eMagic DCIM tool

Get Ease of Datacenter Infrastructure Management with eMagic


eMagic is a web based system for IT asset management, device deployment, comprehensive server monitoring and network management in datacenters spread across different geo-locations. With features like IP SLA monitoring, netflow, alerts, reports and application monitoring, ITIL framework support, Change Management System, Incident Management System and Problem Management system, eMagic becomes a stand-alone solution for your Enterprise Datacenter. Application monitoring is a complete monitoring solution for most crucial aspects of your business - applications, databases and web servers across physical, virtual or cloud environments. An agentless in-depth monitoring tool comes with a real-time interactive dashboard, enabling analyse health, availability and performance of applications at a glance.

Product Details

Advanced Management

You achieve great bandwidth, high performance and faster device information using SNMP, while you're also able to fetch data instantly and forward it for server and network monitoring.

On-demand Management

eMagic allows you to manage your servers without contacting system administrator for support or services to cater to issues like Reboot, Power on, KVMoIP, IP requests.

Power and Control with Utility Tools: IPMI/ ILO

eMagic gives double power by being supportive of IPMI and ILO both, where others could provide only singular support to either IPMI or ILO.

Built-In Security

UI built under MVC architecture and Perl, PHP framework with a secure directory structure.Code level, access level and server level security keeps your core files safeguarded in all times.

Compatibility with Databases

Works with any of MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database servers. eMagic uses Active record queries which are compatible with databases.

eMagic's Watchdog Monitoring

eMagic specializes in watchdog monitoring since it works on Perl. Multithreading gives ultra-fast data fetching from cluster of servers.

Database Monitoring

Oracle Performance Monitoring

  • Detailed Oracle Datafiles Monitoring
  • Oracle ASM Disk Groups Monitoring With Proactive Notifications
  • Oracle Database Job Scheduler
  • In-depth Oracle Space Monitoring
  • Continuous Oracle Sessions Monitoring

MS SQL Database Server Monitoring

  • Performance and availability of production databases
  • SQL statistics, Connection statistics, Buffer Manager statistics
  • Cache, Database and Lock details
  • Monitor custom SQL database queries and get active updates about Access method details
  • Memory usage and Scheduled Jobs

MY SQL Database Server Monitoring

  • MySQL Health Monitoring
  • MySQL Database Report
  • MYSQL Database Optimizer
  • User Management


Inventory and Asset Management

  • Deploy introductory IT Asset & Inventory logically with eMagic

Network Monitoring

  • Unique feature of monitoring dynamic network routes and its impact on latency.
  • Intensely monitor bandwidth, latency, jitters and so on.
  • IP SLA monitoring
  • Bandwidth predictions for decision making


  • Heterogeneous hypervisor support.
  • Create, delete, and suspend, backup virtual machines irrespective of hypervisor.
  • Manage virtual machines from eNlight Mobile App.

Notifications and Alerts

  • Define thresholds as per requirement
  • Sends alerts/notifications via emails, SMSs, IRC channels.
  • Notification of critical services via eNlight Mobile App.
  • Profiling on syslog based on keywords

ITIL Framework Compliant

  • Incident Management System for real time incidents
  • Problem management system
  • Change management systems
  • Bandwidth predictions for decision making

Device Management

  • Get device console via eMagic
  • Give access to team without sharing password
  • Mange lifecycle of device
  • Manage physical asset of device

Network Management

  • Manage dynamic changes in network via network topology
  • Manage routing based on traceroute analysis
  • Manage IP resource and IP reputation
  • Monitor URLS for in-depth monitoring

Netflow Analyser

  • Collect, store, analyse traffic through Netflow collector.v
  • Get top users, top destinations
  • Top protocols, top applications