eNlight Cloud

Realize Full Potential of Cloud with Cost Effectiveness of eNlight


eNlight is a specially engineered, an intelligent cloud computing architecture for your business. eNlight gives you the right cloud infrastructure, perfectly pooled resources and forever technical support to run your business enterprise dynamically.

Product Details

On demand services

  • Create on demand Virtual Machines
  • Reboot, Start and Shut down VMs, independently
  • Deploy & assign resources dynamically
  • Assign, Monitor and Repair Faulty VMs
  • Access your cloud anywhere, anytime

Auto scaling and Pay per consume

  • Intelligent Auto Vertical and Horizontal Scaling
  • Know Resource Usage before-hand, through eNlight's wise & Timely Predictions
  • Pay Per Consume, eliminate cost of unused resources
  • Reduce time-consumption significantly

High Security

  • Set entire reliability on eNlight cloud for highly secure data exchanges, data storage and data upkeep
  • Gain enterprise storage for Isolation of resources from public network and thick provisioning
  • Deploy multiple protection mechanisms against the Internet Threats
  • Encryption, MPLS, VPN, SSL, network layer, app layer

Unified Infrastructure

  • Choose to use private or public or hybrid cloud infrastructure with unique combination of interfaces, layers and features
  • Set out an all-inclusive cloud capable of numerous customizations, apart from enterprise-ready solutions
  • Depend on only one cloud for all your needs in the virtual world
  • Keep your hands free, while eNlight accelerates speed, agility and flexibility. It keeps you going the smarter way in business.



The utility-based advanced eNlight provisions resources dynamically, which means the RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc. are scaled up only in times of actual use.

Pay Per Consume on

You need to pay for CPU, RAM and Bandwidth only when the VM is running, else only pay for storage. With greatest transparency in Pay Per Consume billing model, you get to eliminate costs of unused resources and hidden costs or surcharges.

Flexibility on eNlight

Permutations & Combinations of your needs defines eNlight. Starting from your ever first eNlight deployment to dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling, we provide all it takes to give you a business-suitable cloud.

Cloud Services Management

Simple, user friendly, intuitive control panel for eNlight can manage any of its cloud type, facilitates daily server management. Access server activities from any place in the world through our web based console.

Live Migration

With eNlight, there is no need for a server reboot, while migrating to another server, auto scaling, upgrading your applications, or even while backing up .

Private Cloud Solutions

With eNlight's Private Cloud Solution, you get to combine security and performance with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud. An end-to-end Private Cloud Hosting Solution - extending Exuberant Support, robust Infrastructure, built in seven-layered security including eNlight Cloud's intelligent auto-scalability for reducing CAPEX overheads significantly.