eNlight 360° – On Premise Hybrid Cloud Solution

Experience the New Dimension in Cloud Computing with eNlight 360° - On Premise Hybrid Cloud Solution


eNlight 360° cloud solution comes with a full blown hybrid cloud orchestration layer along with complete Datacenter Management Suite i.e. eMagic (DCIM) and Security Scanner (MTvScan), that makes it the most unique offering in the market today. It gives you the security of Private Cloud and scalability of Public Cloud.

Product Details

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

eNlight provides the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying Compute infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model. It enables Object storage, block storage and on demand storage for VMs. Network Management is possible via eNlight 360°. It provides thorough insights of the Datacenter networks and allows easy management of VLANs and virtual switches.

Auto Scaling VMs (Patented)

Vertical scaling is a patented (US 9176788 & UK GB2493812) and unique feature of eNlight Cloud orchestration software. Autoscaling helps in cutting down the cloud expenses while providing consistent performance to users. It also provides horizontal scaling with which virtual machines automatically scale out or scale in depending upon workloads. This guarantees seamless scaling capabilities and achieves extraordinary benefits.

Geo diverse DC monitoring

eNlight 360° is well versed with SNMP based monitoring which can monitor your Physical & Virtual Infrastructure. eNlight 360° is a highly scalable platform capable of collecting the unstructured data for Device Monitoring, Storage Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Netflow Monitoring and Sys-log Monitoring. Various ITIL standard Change Management workflows are readily available in eNlight 360°.eNlight 360 provides various reports regarding the traffic related to Applications, IPs and Conversations.

Business Process

eNlight 360° helps you import your already existing user base and maintain that same hierarchy in your cloud. You do not need to manually create user accounts per employee and you are free from that tedious task by just importing your LDAP or AD DB into eNlight 360°. With scheduling, you can automate one task or a whole job sequence that affects every alternate task. Cloud operations can be automated in few clicks! Quota management and workflow give the management people the same virtual control as they expect in reality.eNlight 360° enables you to perform organization-wide IP management with flexibility to have Pools like External Public, Internal Public, Internal Private.

Managed Infrastructure

Managing bare metal servers, Network Switches or SAN Storages might be cumbersome without tools while aspiring for better business outcomes.You can leverage managed support engineers who are experienced at managing and deploying hardware components of the cloud.


Historical Charting and Show back

eNlight 360° maintains historical data of all activities executed in the cloud. Show-Back shows previous data or resources that are used.

Inter Compute VM Migration

eNlight 360° enables seamless migration between VMs. While transferring data from one cluster of hypervisors to another set/cluster of hypervisors, you can even synchronize.

Job and Job Scheduling

Scheduled Job Is a unique feature which enables the users to schedule their jobs as per their need. Scheduled jobs get executed without any human intervention.

API Support

eNlight 360° comes with developer API support. Integration of custom UI with Enterprise systems is easy & it makes eNlight 360° highly customizable.