Web Application Firewall – Cloud based Security

Secure Your Web Application against Threat, Safeguard your Enterprise Apps on intelligent eNlight WAF


eNlight WAF is a web application firewall that protects your web application from common web threats by making your application secure and always available. eNlight WAF is an intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall which detects vulnerabilities and possible attacks on the application, allows you to create custom rules for blocking web attacks and ensures that your website continues to load fast.

Product Details

  • Well-suited for Organizations of all sizes (Enterprises, SMBs, Midmarket)
  • Prevents Traffic Flooding / DDoS
  • Prevents Application Attacks by filtering traffic
  • Stops Data Leakage of sensitive information
  • High Availability Support
  • Monitors attacks in real time. Notifies with detailed statistics of requests, attackers and server error responses in real time


Auto Scalability

eNlight WAF supports eNlight, our patented, intelligent auto vertical and horizontal scaling Cloud platform. You can add more apps and scale vertically or horizontally, automatically.

Auto Protection

Auto protection makes sure you are protected against top 10 Vulnerabilities stated by OWASP.

Easy to Deploy and Use

No need to buy any hardware appliance or make any changes your application code.

Cost effective & Pay-as-you-grow

Pay only for resources scaled on your WAF. Save wisely by eliminating additional costs for unused resources.

Protection against browser based hacks

Terminate SSL connections with minimum overhead or additional latency. Apply your WAF policy to SSL connections.

Incident Monitoring

Monitor attack incidents by attackers on your website. Blacklist attackers