Bosch Fundus Camera

Digital Fundus Camera

Retinal Imaging – Mydriatic & Non – Mydriatic

The attachable retinal module enables non-mydriatic eye fundus examination with a 40 degree wide field of view.

With the digital and video captures, the eye fundus can be visualized for retinal anatomical & pathological changes.

The Bosch Fundus camera can be both taken to the field for last-mile care delivery and mounted on a slit lamp holder with a special adapter to give additional stability to imaging in clinical set-up.

  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Non-mydriatic screeining
  • Affordable
  • Lesser screeining time
  • Telemedicine feature
  • Accessibility on smart gadgets
  • Track disease progression
  • Advanced reporting

Indicative list of conditions seen using retinal module:

  1. Retinal inflammatory and degenerative conditions
  2. Retinal injury
  3. Detachment and Hemorrhage
  4. Retinal Vascular diseases like DR
  5. Vitreoretinal diseases
  6. Neuro retinal diseases

  1. Separate Non – Mydriatic and Mydriatic modes with 40 degree FOV
  2. Portable and Ergonomic design.
  3. 5 MP CMOS Sensor
  4. 3.5 mm minimum pupil size
  5. Modular design – one device, Multiple applications
  6. Auto-focus for fast capture ( AF assist from – 11 to +3 diopters)
  7. Manual focus (-20 to +20 diopters)
  8. IR / Red Free Imaging


Introducing Eye Care Solutions from Bosch

Technology is a key enabler in the Bosch world towards making innovative products and services designed to fascinate and to improve the quality of life. Bosch has successfully leveraged its technology platforms already used in automotive and industrial engineering to create innovative products and solutions in the medical space. Bosch has often used it global capabilities to solve its local problems.

Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions Provider in India partners with Bosch to offer its eye care solutions across India. Inspira is now the authorized distributor of Bosch fundus camera in India.

The need for affordable health care is a pressing concern in countries like India. Challenged by a huge population, healthcare in India is marked by insufficient resources. This condition is even more critical in rural India. As per National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), 30 percent of rural population has to travel over 30 kms to get needed treatment, making health care less accessible.

In an endeavour to address the disproportionate burden of blindness in India, Bosch has developed a complete end-to-end eye care solution for the vast population which has a dire need of affordable and easily accessible universal health care system.

Why India Needs Cost-effective Eye Care Solutions

According to global health statistics, nearly one of every three blind people in the world is an Indian and an equally high proportion of visually impaired global population is in India. 17 million people are entering the 40 plus age demographic each year. As this demographic change happens, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes are on the rise. The complication of these diseases, which can eventually lead to visual impairment and blindness, are rarely detected in time. Most patients only reach out for medical treatment well past the stages of treatable blindness.

Lack of definite nationwide screening programs and infrastructure and inaccessible tertiary eye care services have worsened the situation. Most of the eye screening centers / vision centers which cater to majority of population use ophthalmoscope (with dilation) to detect eye ailments leading to detection rates as low as 5 percent in the case of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Galucoma.

With an aim to make quality eye care available to all, Bosch has developed a comprehensive solution consisting of digital eye care device in conjunction with software. This solution is simple, easy-to-use and suitable for local Indian operating conditions with the potential to make eye examination affordable and prevent visual impairment in large parts of the population.

Revolutionary Ophthalmological Point-of-Care solution

Bosch brings end-to-end, feature packed, easy-to-use and affordable solution that seamlessly integrates multiple elements of eye care practice thus empowering an ophthalmologist to offer better point-of-care.

The solutions comprise of two parts - a physical hand held device - Bosch Fundus Camera and a supporting software - MediBilder.

The Bosch Fundus Camera is feature rich - a first of its kind, offering both Non-Mydriatic and Mydriatic modes for faster and accurate detection.

The MediBilder software enables importing of captured images to a computer, generates advance diagnostics and even offers options by which the medical data can be integrated into hospital databases and systems. Together, the capabilities are far-reaching and more impactful.

The unique design of the solution allows minimum dependencies on existing health care infrastructure. Bosch is ready to support wide scale deployments in synergy with eye care and health care providers enable integration of this solution with existing hospital management systems.

Versatility at its best- One device, multiple functionalities

Fundus (Retina)

Anterior Segment

Meibomian Gland

Versatility – One device multiple functionalities

MediBilder Solution – Smart Solution for Doctors

An end-to-end solution around the eye care imaging digital fundus camera that further empowers doctors.

The MediBilder software offers the ability to import images taken by the camera to a desktop or laptop. The medical practitioner can perform multiple image analysis, use colour filters, make annotations / markings and maintain digital medical records of the patients.

Further, in combination with ImPACS (Picture Archival and Communication System), the images could simply remain on the hard disk of the doctor’s laptop or be transferred to hospital management system. ImPACS enables the doctor to create a reliable patient referral system.

The ImPACS also is a solution for medical images – anytime, anywhere and can be accessed using smart gadgets like mobile phones or iPads.

MediBilder - DICOM complaint Client Software for PACS

  • Image importing and viewing from any camera and of any modality.
  • Image operations such as marking, annotations and layering.
  • Layer-wise segregation of markings across images and across specialists.
  • Ability to view multiple cases and markings simultaneously.
  • Ability to focus on small regions of the images and marking.
  • Ability to view and manipulate red, red-free, inverted (contrast) images for analysis and marking.
  • HL7 & DICOM complaint patient management.
  • Patient referral
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

ImPACS – Medi Image, Anywhere, Anytime.

Cloud based DICOM complaint picture Archival and Communication system to provide your medical images anywhere, anytime.
Online image viewing, marking and patient referral.
Connectable to MediBilder for seamless workflow.

Automated Detection Algorithm

  • Applicable in multiple medical specialties
  • Suitable for hospitals, clinics, vision centers
    • Outpatient screening
    • Inpatient diagnosis
    • Paediatric ophthalmology
  • Easy integration with existing workflows

Application models

Public Health clinics
Mobile Health clinics
Out patient dept
Vision centres
Eye camps
Home Health
Multi speciality Hospital