Smart City Solutions


Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization has increased the need for smart city solutions. The smart cities will accelerate economic growth and improve the quality of life.
The smart city solutions are devised keeping in mind the rising significance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Inspira provides comprehensive range of smart city solutions - from e-governance to building efficient systems and smart healthcare.


Smart City IT Infrastructure layers and our offerings:

Sensing - The IoT Layer - Data Collection Layer across the City using Sensors and IoT Devices.
Our Offerings : Outdoor Cameras, Video Walls and Displays, Emergency Boxes and Hand Held Devices

Communication Layer – Network Infrastructure to take the feeds to the centralized location.
Our Offerings : Network Passive Components in Copper and Fiber, Switching and Routing Components, Industrial Grade Switches, Wi FI Solutions, RF Connectivity, Video Conferencing, IP Telephony and AV Solutions

Data Management Layer – Centralized Date Center for Data Processing and Storage.
Our Offerings : Servers, SAN Solutions, OS & RDBMS Licenses and Services, Data Center Networking & Routing, Power Solutions, Load Balancing and Application Delivery, DR as Cloud Service, Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery and BCP Solutions, Virtualization, Backup Solutions

Applications and Services Layer
Our Offerings : E-Municipality, E-Health, DMS and Workflow Solutions, GPS Based Fleet Management.

Centralized Command and Control Layer
Our Offerings : Enterprise Management System (EMS), Command Control and Communications Software (CCC), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Video Management Software (VMS)

Data Security – To ensure the security and integrity of the Data.
Our Offerings : Next Generation Firewall, IPS, Web Application Firewalls, DDoS, Anti-APT Solutions, SIEM Solutions, Data Encryption Solutions like Hardware Security Module etc.. Security Cloud Services

Analytical Layer with Dash Board
Our Offerings : Data Analytics, Visual Analytics, Video Analytics, GIS etc


  • Domain expertise on Smart City IT Infrastructure layers

  • Strong focus on IoT

  • Deep understanding of wireless design, networking and connectivity solutions

  • Threat protection to ensure data, systems and networks are always secure

  • Helps in achieving business objectives and drive growth through deeper insights, product/service innovation.

Why Inspira

  • Inspira caters to 100+ clients from Government, PSU and Defence Vertical

  • Vertical focused teams for sales, technical consultants and support centers across India.

  • Experienced and dedicated teams for handling smartcity projects